ClearRF's Patented Passive Bypass Technology 


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ClearRF's M2M signal amplifier has several major technical advantages over our competitors M2M “booster”. ClearRF's Patented Passive Bypass Technology is a fail-safe feature which enables the connected device to access a network even if the amplifier loses power, faults or if signal enhancement is not required. 

Important To Know!

Our competitor(s) M2M “booster” does not have this feature, so when their booster loses power or fails, the connected device is cut-off from the network! This can be devastating if your application is mission-critical for life safety & liability!

ClearRF's Passive Bypass is mission-critical for applications where system connectivity to the network must always be maintained for life safety & liability; i.e. fire & security, energy & utilities & telemedical... just to name a few. 

                                                                                                                             Passive Bypass Technology (Patent  9,048,940)


ClearRF's Patented Auto Gain & Oscillation Control


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ClearRF’s Auto Gain & Oscillation Control (AGOC), is another of our patented intelligent features. Think of the AGOC like the cruise control on your vehicle. Once you set the cruise control the vehicle will automatically increase, decrease or maintain its speed based on the road environment; flat pavement, up or down hills.  

Our AGOC detects the level of incoming signal strength and self-adjusts the output power either up or down. This self-adjustment provides the connected system with maximum signal strength to communicate to and from the network. This feature is vital for telematics (mobile) M2M applications, because as the amplifier will be in constant motion and it will be required to self-adjust periodically based on the changing incoming signal environment. 

Auto Gain & Oscillation Control Technology (Patent  8,655,267)